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Other Services Offered at the Floor Store in Pensacola Florida

Hardwood Floor Repair and Refinishing

The Floor Store offers many types of repair and maintenance services for hardwood flooring. Whether it’s ‘weaving’ new product with old or replacing the damaged flooring with vintage and old stock flooring the result is unnoticeable to the naked eye. We also offer to refinish of old vintage flooring to bring back the beauty of your home or business.

Mosaic Tile and Medallions

Why not set your home apart from the rest. Doing mosaic design, and or medallion features, gives you a custom, hand-tailored feel to any home. We can design anything for your floor or walls in your home. Mosaics and medallions give a very special statement. They are easily cared and maintained the same as tile and stone.

Outdoor Kitchens, Showers, and Living Spaces

We live in Florida, so we need the outside and inside to come together seamlessly. Whether you have a pool, or a man-made water feature, or a fire pit/fireplace, it has to be practical, functional and pretty. You get all the bragging rights for all its beauty.

When your children get done swimming, they should be able to shower, change, and get a snack without going inside the home. There can be entertainment features, such as sound systems, and big screen TV’s, all accessible to you.

Spaces that provide outdoor living rooms and leisure entertainment areas should have power, water, and lighting and should be functional, safe and pretty. If you have a large area, you can make several sections. One at the pool area with a shower, storage, grill and food preparation and another with fire pit, lots of seating, landscaping, and lighting. The outdoors is limitless in this southern climate.


We have a lot of experience designing fireplaces. Your fireplace can blend or be a standout piece of your home. Stacked stone, stone, granite, tile, slate, brick, tumbled travertine with decorative metal accents, or glass can be just a few mediums used for fireplaces. Make your fireplace beautiful, original, and highly functional. Showcase your personality with just a little help from our designer.

Custom Area Rugs

Area rugs highlight a room’s design features and accents your flooring. Why not create a custom rug with the help our Store Designer. If you can think it, we can create it, making your rug a one of a kind piece of art. You can even add a family crest or a professional logo for your business.

Rug Maintenance is easy by following the manufacturer’s instructions, or just call us at The Floor Store. 850-439-1609.