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The Floor Store Installation Service in Pensacola Florida

The Floor Store Installation Service

Finding the Perfect flooring is exciting, but getting it installed correctly without turning your life upside down is just as important. That’s why The Floor Store provides professional quality installation for all the products we sell. Our installers are experts at installing all types of flooring, backsplash, showers, tub, surrounds, fireplaces, porches, etc. Our hardwood installers are knowledgeable concerning all the manufacturer’s guidelines and industry standards and take all the steps required to make sure that your wood flooring warranties stay intact. Remember, to keep your warranties intact and all manufacturers installation practices must be followed.

New flooring can change the look of your entire home or a new tile shower can change the whole look of your bathroom. Selecting a product that will perform well in your home and that satisfies your lifestyle is only part of the process. Remember, your material investment can be wasted if not properly installed. Therefore, we cannot stress enough how important it is to only use professional, experienced, licensed installers that have been recommended by people you trust. This is not HGTV and things take longer than they show on TV., which is why we only use our “Vetted” Installers.
Check out our Reviews and read for yourself why we are the best. We send out professional, punctual, well experienced, licensed, and insured installers. Crew leaders will have no less than five years installation experience. We stand behind our installations and if there is a problem we will correct it at no additional charge.

For the DIF customers, we encourage it. However, we are here to guide and educate you on best practices as well as to what the manufacturer installation calls for. Remember, it’s only as good as it is installed.